Wake Up Sid

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I waited a long time to watch this one. It is a done to death story… rich spoilt kid is tamed by a more serious mature female… Karan Johar isshtyle.
The first scene where everyone is discussing their future plans in front of clueless Sid reminded me of Hrithik in ‘Lakshya’. Ranbir was nowhere close… I mean… he is not bad… but there are better actors. Another scene when Anupam Kher tries talk him into coming to work reminded me of ‘Dil Chahta Hai’… Aamir was so much better.
WUS does not inspire… does not evoke any feelings… you go in.. watch the movie… and leave. It does not leave its mark.
The lesser said about Konkana… the better it is… Konkana has made it till here only on talent. Trying to dress her up like a KJ heroine makes her look worse. Her fake eyelashes irritated the hell out of me. Why Konkana… why??? Can we please see you in some “good” roles? Give up these stereotypes.

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