VLCC Vs Kaya Vs Lakme

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I have travelled to all regions of India. Finding a good parlour in a new place is very very difficult. Thankfully, branded salons provide standardized services.

One trend I have noticed is… VLCC, Kaya and Lakme are all located near each other in most cities be it… Gurgaon, A’bad, Mumbai, Bangalore,Kolkata… which is no coincidence. After all, they compete.
Kaya: The positioning is that of a skin care consultant. I have never visited any outlet ‘coz it gives me an expensive feel. I am not sure about the services offered… but I think they are mainly related to skin. They have started slimming services(who hasn’t???). All said and done they have a professional sound to it.
Lakme: It is a salon… no slimming packages and stuff. The problem is… locally the standard of services differ… a Lakme in Kolkata is damn good… but the one in Gurgaon is pathetic. Not very reliable… and they have not even updated the services they provide… there have not been many additions in last 2-3 years. They do not even retail their products which a lost opportunity.
VLCC: They provide salon services… slimming packages… and many other specialized services… It is a like a hypermarket with everything available under one roof. The staff is courteous… there have been times when I have not been happy with the service or the result… they have offered me complimentary services… Thumbs up to VLCC!!!
PS: VLCC has not offered me any money to give a positive feedback… they should.

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