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A quick post on Venice because my feet hurt too much and am going to twist and turn with the pain before I can fall asleep.

It has been a perfect trip with the perfect destination and the perfect number of days in each city. KC differs on this though – he would have preferred one more day in Milan for window shopping. 

We had planned 1 full day and 2 nights in Venice. But the accommodation is so expensive that we reduced it to 1 night and half day and stayed the extra night in Florence instead. My expectations from Venice were anyway low and I was right. 

Don’t get me wrong… It is a nice city but I am not very impressed because 

  • There are certain destinations which exist to earn money from tourists. Everywhere you turn there is someone trying to get you to spend money. Venice is like that. They built a city, made canals instead of roads, put boats in them and forced us to use those expensive boats. It is no surprise that regular folks don’t live in this area. Only tourists come here. Because tourists chuthiye hai
  • I would like it more if I had paid the price it deserved. Right now, everything just costs double and I don’t like that
  • It is too touristy. This is the only city I had a lot of trouble finding accommodation in because everything was booked out. There are too many people everywhere. We don’t like places with too many tourists. This is also why we always stay in the quieter part of Goa and go there before the peak season

We paid 7 Euros per person for the boat from the station to our home stay close to Rialto and San Marco. That is huge considering we have never paid more than 2 Euros for one way travel in any other city. We have 1 room and bathroom with a private entry in our hosts’ home. It is located in the narrowest and ugliest lane but quite good from inside.

After lunch at 3 pm at an expensive cafe because everything costs higher here and everything closes at 3 pm, we headed to San Marco and then Rialto markets. We didn’t want to sightsee and just wanted to explore the city in foot. It is a beautiful city but too crowded. These are 2 main markets here. San Marco has high end stores like LV, Prada, Gucci etc while Rialto has flea markets. The view from San Marco of the sea is awesome. 

We skipped the gondola ride which costs 80 Euros for 2 People. You can always ask 2-4 others to join you and reduce the cost but it’s not worth it. The city has canals with really dirty water running through it. The entire city stinks. I don’t think anything can even match up to the shikara ride at Dal lake or lunch overlooking Pichola lake in Udaipur. Yes, I just compared Venice to Srinagar and Udaipur. 

You can also take a boat to Lido and other islands but there might be an entry fee. Like you have to pay at Lido for a sun bed and to use the showers and stuff.

All in all, it was a good day and we had a good time. I am sure there is lots of see in Venice but I just wasn’t interested.

Our room   

This is 9 pm. Still daylight.


Gondola ride. It is like boating in the gutter. Not romantic at all. You can also hire someone to sing and play an instrument on the gondola. Do hold your nose closed though.


The view of the sea at San Marco


I really want to do this in our balcony 

We just sat here and killed time. This is San Marco       

There are so many stores selling masks and I don’t know why

A great way to prevent pickpockets from operating in the area

 The market in San Marco 

  I have no idea who will buy this and why



 This is the lane where we are staying  

View from the boat on our way to the destination



View from the station


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  1. Well thank you for waking me up and no thanks for pouring cold water on one of my dream destinations ever – may be stil thank you for saving my money! šŸ˜‰

  2. I so agree with the Gondola ride trail . Those 80 euros wasted will never come back :P.

    Though I had the best pizza in venice

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