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Hey people. I wasn’t feeling too well today, maybe it’s the change in weather. From brrr cold it has become hot and sunny. Which is a good thing but chilly mornings and evenings Vs hot, sunny afternoons are quite an adjustment for the body. So I decided to skip my favourite TRX class and get some rest. Also, whenever KC is travelling I don’t sleep too well. Which is so odd. I wait for nights he is away so I can have the whole bed to myself. The ironies of life.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s and we could have a planned a trip since Tuesday is an off but life has been busy these days. We just got our electricity bill and it is 10 times the normal amount. It’s humongous and we will be running around the electricity office to figure out how that’s possible. It’s not possible… the only logical reasons are- faulty meter, incorrect reading or someone is stealing electricity. I am not looking forward to going to a government office on a Saturday. Not at all.

This is the 1st Valentine’s am not taking the day off. Simply because KC and I are in the same city, so we don’t have to fly around to meet each other and it’s a Saturday. It’s of course significant that his team is not playing a cricket match tomorrow. They play cricket … no matter what… but on Valentine’s they know what’s the appropriate thing to do. Which is kind of sweet.

I have had a good workout week. The next half marathon is on 1st March and I want to be strong. I do not want to have the Mumbai experience again. My left knee feels slightly weak so I have added lots of yoga to the schedule. Yoga is soooo good. I always thought of yoga as something done by old and weak people… something which is non challenging and helps you relax. On the contrary, it stretches every muscle in my body… and hurts afterwards (in a good way). And it’s so good for the core. Yoga is the most challenging workout of the week. Everyone should try it. Do ensure your trainer is good because you don’t want to hurt yourself.

I just had a one hour chat on the phone with P. We discussed politics of course. Considering she was in Delhi for a year and loved it… politics had to be a topic for discussion. She has recently quit work and has moved to her hometown to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She was telling me how many of her batchmates who were considered ‘successful’ have quit their jobs. I call it the 2 year itch. The 1st year of work is a honeymoon. I loved my 1st year… it gave me a high and I did not complain even once. I had to travel on local buses, stay in shitty hotels, eat at tiny hotels, watch movies alone, live alone, eat alone… but I loved it. And I loved the company I worked for. But then I moved to the Head Office where I came face to face with reality and politics. That disillusioned me. I remember everytime I went home for a break I would just sleep all day. It was like I hadn’t slept in days and I was catching up on all the lost sleep. My mom wondered why I don’t just quit. But the idea of quitting and moving back home with my parents was more scary than living the corporate life. There was a time when I would come home every night from work and cry on the phone to KC.

Life improved once I moved to Rajkot and away from the HO. It was easier to work in the branch office and feel a part of the group. Even though the group was mostly of people who were very much older and treated me like a daughter.

So, yeah. It’s the 2 year itch. You have 3 options

– Decide to play the game

– Decide to play the game on your own terms no matter the repercussions on your career growth/path which is what I did. I speak my mind… I have a work life balance… I don’t have patience with people who don’t know how to do their job… And it’s been ok

– Or you quit and figure out what excites you

You are probably 25 yrs of age at 2 yrs work experience. It’s young enough to take a break and re-evaluate your options in life. And it takes guts. It’s easier to just survive the corporate world. It takes guts to do the latter two.

When I started the post this was about something else altogether. Anyway…


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