Valentine’s Day

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Holla people… Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Any excuse to take a day off and spend with hubby dear is most welcome.
Valentine’s was very low key. We didn’t do anything. I just took KC was lunch to The Great Kebab Factory. They have the most amazing galouti kebabs and I wanted him to swoon over them with me. Unfortunately, he was tired and didn’t enjoy the meal much. But then… maybe thats love… I want him to taste all the good things I do… and he will come along to please me. I am happy with that kind of love. Its good enough for me.
I baked a four layered cake… alternating between vanilla and chocolate sponge. Not bad… I just
wish I had enough time to spend on it.

Also, I made chocolate mousse out of a box and it was delicious. Weikfeld (hope I spelt that
right) has a mixture for the same. Just add milk, beat, refrigerate and you are done.

Here are the list of things I plan to make this week:
  • Chocolate Mousse… from scratch
  • Muffins/cup cakes
  • Savouries
I am watching Masterchef US right now and it is pretty bugging. There is too much drama. I think MasterChef Australia is the best… good chefs, no drama, extra ordinary food. A lot of Indians have become aware about food ‘coz of this series.

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