Vagina Monolgues

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I have been dying to watch a play in Mumbai. I spotted the schedule for this play in Vashi. Bandra and South Mumbai are beyond my driving radius on weekends… but Vashi is close. I was very excited… have heard soooooo much about it. KC urged me to book the tickets.

Half hour before the play I graciously asked KC to meet his friends instead of watching the play since he was missing them. I didn’t expect him to actually ditch me.
Guys- a piece of advice. If a woman loves you she will not want to part from you for even a minute. Don’t pick anything/anyone else (friends, family, movies, video games, cricket) over her.. even if she urges you to. It is just a test of your love for and loyalty towards her.
Of course, KC failed miserably in the test.
Anyway he was out of my mind as soon as the play began. As the name suggests… it is about vaginas… and their owners (women). What better way to talk about women than about their vaginas. A lot is written, discussed, heard about the penis… it is supposed to be the defining feature of men… but what about the vagina?
In the process issues like gender mutilation, rape etc are covered… without losing the humour. The audience was laughing their guts out.
The actors were Dolly Thakore, Avantika Averkar (pretty, bold, sassy), Mahabanoo Kotwal, Jayati (a tv actress… not pretty but mind blowing acting), Sonali (a doctor turned actor).
The best parts were Avantika’s rendition of an orgasm (far better than Meg Ryan’s in When Harry Met Sally) and Jayati’s description of the kinds of pleasure “moans”.
Guys and gals… if you ain’t seen this… you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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  1. @ Howard: Thanks… will correct it later
    @ Unmana: Anytime… it is a pleasure reading your blog
    @ Anonymous: I don’t think you have had an orgasm if you think it is over-rated
    @ S: You should watch it

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