V Day weekend

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We always do something on V day… it does not have to be anything elaborate… but we atleast go out. In fact, when we were apart we travelled to be together.

This time we decided to have dinner at a 5 star. We shortlisted a few restaurants but they were all either full or not taking reservations. We decided to go to Taj or ITC since both are close by. The traffic on Friday night was killing and it took 2 hours from Gurgaon. We reached ITC at 9 pm. We had gone to Dum Pukht last year on our anniversary. I had heard rave reviews about Bukhara and decided to go there. There was a 90 mins waiting…. and we waited at the Golf Bar. The ambience is good… our chicken was extremely tasty… and drinks were good enough. After 60 mins, a table was available. Guess what? Bukhara only has starters, rotis and desserts… no gravies or rice. WTF!!! Seeing our confused faces, the waiter suggested he can bring something off the menu. We agreed (there was no other option). The chicken he brought was not bad… but definitely not worth the 2k. We ate, paid and left. Not a great meal for 5k (including Golf Bar). Irrespective, I enjoyed myself. It was an adventure.

On Saturday, we went to Surajkund festival. The theme this year was Sri Lanka and Goa. I have wanted to visit this place. Saturday was the last day. Surajkund is in Haryana… next to Tughlakabad (in Delhi). You need to take a right from the monuments in Tughlabad and go straight. This drive is awesome… there is even a sanctuary on the way.

I picked up cute stuff for the home.. a wind chime, diffuser and some lamps. There was a lot of security which is good… and the crowd was well behaved.

The ruins on the way … at Tughlabad.



A unique mask at the festival



And some more masks…


The entry to Sri Lanka zone


The entrance


Thats the wind chime I bought.. moon wala



An interesting painting


I bought 8 of those lamps… ‘coz I could not pick 1 colour. I bought 1 one of each colour. They are hanging in my balcony now.


Interesting lady bird


We had snacks at the Sri Lanka stall and I liked the food. There were noodles and rice served with a coconut curry.

All in all … a good weekend… despite the screw ups.


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