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I am exhausted, tired, hungry, sleepy and my feet ache. This has been the state the last few days… even on Sunday. Below are some updates:

  • I got my car back from the garage after 4 days… “Daboo” (KC’s nickname for the car… terrible one) has been unlucky lately… first it was the engine, brake, clutch… then the tyres and then I had a minor accident… the bumper had to be changed. Driving it today was like going into the arms of an old lover…. so comfortable. I realized how much I have missed it. Life is so much better with a car… the realization hits me everytime it is not available and I have to use autos/cabs.
  • The packing is behind schedule. Actually, I have not done anything since packing the books. KC and I decide every weekend but become lazy. Today, I managed to pack my extra clothes which is a load off my chest. The gadgets and documents are next on the list. Will you believe it if I told you I need one bag only for my shoes and purses?
  • I have been staying alone since I started earning. Weekends for me mean splurging because that assuages the loneliness and money can definitely buy happiness. Even KC does not always know what I buy and for how much. When we stay together these expeditions will stop or reduce. I will have to find reasons to shop… hmm… food for thought.
  • I still cannot believe we are moving. I am looking forward to the househunt next week.

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  1. All the best for that next phase of your life! It has its ups and downs – just like everything else in life! ~APC

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