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I went to the mall after work to check out the sales. Here are some highlights:

– Mango: I hate the sale in this store ‘coz it rarely has good stuff. Most stores are so cluttered (even DLF Promenade) that it is impossible to shop. The store in Phoenix Market City barely has any stuff so clutter was out of the question. The stuff is not too great. I did pick up a nice pair of red formal trousers. Avoid unless you are a fan. I was going through asos.com last night and picked 2 Mango tees. I wanted to purchase them but they do not ship these 2 items to India. I found the same tees in the sale today but priced higher. They did not fit well… 1 was a little tight and another was too loose. Thank god I did not order them.

– Promod: This is the biggest disappointment. Everything is priced at 1000 bucks and above. If something is priced at 2000 bucks and above, this is perfectly ok. But, it is so cruel to mark down an item from 1400 bucks to 1300 bucks. WTF!!! 20% is not a discount… it is a pity, charity. I am so pissed. I did not pick up anything. I will wait for it to be marked down further. If they don’t do so, I am so over Promod.

– Zara: Prices are 500 bucks (for tees) to 2000 bucks and 2300-2700 bucks for footwear. I don’t understand their sizes. Some of their tees and tops have a weird fit. What kind of a body are they made for? They are so loose and baggy… and do not fit well at all. I like their bottoms and found good trousers. If you visit now you should be able to find something good. Going by the crowd even on a Thursday evening, it will not last long.

– Steve Madden: It was empty… Need I say more?


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  1. You should come to Bahrain. you will love Mango and Zara here. The sale is just about to finish everywhere because it is the start of Ramadan. I did some serious shopping this time. Promod- I agree, its overpriced and not good at all. Yet the lure of the sale attracts me and I definitely go and take a look at the wares. I ended up buying a worthless black skinny jeans and a black ganjee with a gold print and a linen shirt. All worthless purchases and waste of money. I think I have issues. Serious issues. May be I am a shoppoholic

  2. I am a major shopoholic too but thats ok… I am sure shopping is much better in UAE… it is a very evolved market.

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