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  1. Clean house… will start at 7.30 or 8 am… yeah yeah… I am crazy. I wake up at 7 am on Sundays… sigh… DONE
  2. Get the exhaust fan installed in the kitchen… Not done… these bloody electricians… what nakhras
  3. Buy mineral water… DONE
  4. Save updated songs list in the IPod… sigh… will try and do it tom
  5. Visit to the parlour… DONE
  6. Post letter… I remembered I need stamps to post the letter… will do it tom
  7. Buy phone… DONE
  8. Get MS Office on laptop…. DONE
  9. Watch movie… didn’t watch in theatre… watched Luck by Chance and now it is Yuva
  10. Read books… Not done
  11. Gym… No time today…

4 thoughts on “Update on the day

  1. That’s more like it. We need updates on all checklists. All items must be tirelessly tracked to completion!!!

    Further, ambiguous items such as “Read books” will not be tolerated, and can adversely affect your appraisal.

  2. “Read books” is an ambiguous target. Specifics should be mentioned!!! Number of books / Number of pages or any other measure that you deem appropriate should be mentioned so that the to do list can be tracked more accurately! We can get this down to a science, once the checklists get larger we can even have dashboards and metrics around them!!

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