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Good morning. I was up early because I forgot to ask the maid and cook to come late and now I can’t sleep.

We were planning a trip to Amritsar or Jaipur for the long weekend but we could not get train tickets (to Amritsar). Have decided to spend the days exploring Delhi. There is a lot to see- Lajpat Nagar, Dilli Haat, DLF Promenade etc. We will check out furniture at Ghitorni today and probably catch ‘Dum Maro Dum’.
I have not had retail therapy this month because its an effort… I need to take the car out of parking, drive, park and then can shopping begin. Its not like a Mumbai where I can hail an auto for the nearest mall. Also, bank balance is at an all time low. But I really need to buy something… anything this weekend. Generally, when I don’t want to buy clothes or shoes I turn to make up. It is completely an impulse buy. The only problem is… good makeup costs as much as clothes or footwear.
Last night a very funny thing happened. I reached home at 8 pm and got busy with my mails. KC called around 9 pm… he said something about waiting downstairs ‘coz he does not have change. I changed my cothes, locked the house, took the car and headed to his office. When I had almost reached, he called and asked why I was taking so long. This pissed me off. I am named after a bird but I cannot fly. I told him that obviously it will take me sometime to reach his office to pick him up. Thats when he said that he was waiting below the flat and wanted me to get some change. He had been waiting for 20 mins. Sigh!!! I headed back home. We had a good laugh about it. I can be so absent minded sometimes.

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