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I have been unwell since Sunday… nothing major… cough, slight cold, throat irritation. I was also feverish yesterday… mainly ‘coz of the ultra low temperature at work. I don’t know who monitors temperature… definitely not someone who sits inside office or even outside, for that matter. When it is cold outdoors, it gets colder at work. People in stoles, sweaters and blazers are a common site. The worst part is dressing differently outdoors and indoors. So, I have to carry a blazer or something warm to wear in office. Weird!!!

Anyway, the review went off well. No news or questions or comments is always good news. It is over and done with. My health got worse in the AC. I took the day off today to rest. I was planning to visit the doc if it got worse… don’t want to get malaria or viral. Thankfully, the rest has helped.

Ideally, I shouldn’t be blogging but being home all day when ill can be very boring. I had just gotten on the weight loss bandwagon and I fell ill… boo. I have decided to quit the gym… it is too expensive … I don’t go that often… I hate how bad the services are. I am constantly made to feel ‘inferior’ ‘coz I don’t have a personal trainer. The other instructors don’t really pay attention and I am tired of complaining. I plan to jog for 5 km everyday… it is actually a more practical option ‘coz it is not hot these days. On Saturdays and Sundays I can even jog in the middle of the day. On days when it rains early morning, I can always practise yoga. Thats the plan. Lets see how it works.

On other news, I have employed a cook. There is a good cafeteria in my office but recently the vendor was changed. It has become slightly worse now… and more expensive. I decided to get a tiffin for dinner… but I ended up having my heaviest meal at night. I shifted it to lunch then… but everytime the lady sent me ‘questionable’ veggies- baingan, tinda etc, I ended up eating rice and daal. I am trying to reduce my rice intake and this only made it more difficult. Then I tried ‘Yummy Tiffins’ which lets you customize the menu. It sounded perfect… EXCEPT… the food was bad and quantity was very, very tiny. I could not eat it even for 2 days. They sent me stale curd/buttermilk and only half glass. Who sends half glass of buttermilk? It has taken them ages to refund my money. Sad!!! The cook is charging me lesser and I get to eat my choice of food. She comes daily at 7.30 am… cooks b’fast and lunch. I manage dinner somehow.

Btw.. did you know that Shoppers Stop only stocks men’s handkerchief and not women’s? How weird is that? I mean… either you should have both or not have it at all. Who decides such assortment?

Ciao… it is back to work from tomorrow…. and I am happy to be busy. It has been a much needed relaxing day.


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