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Me : But that is not fair. I don’t agree with this.

Him : Let’s not discuss fairness when it comes to the corporate world. Don’t compare your career with anyone else’s. Think about what is best for YOU. Whatever you do, base that decision on what is best for YOUR career and your personal life. Don’t let your ego make this decision. And don’t even bother looking at how others are doing. Are you looking at someone whose career is not as successful as yours? Then why compare with someone who is momentarily better off than you?

Best career advice I have received

It is so easy to get dissatisfied by things around. If you could live in a bubble, you would realize that things are perfect. But as soon as you start comparing them to anyone else’s, it goes downhill.

Saturday evenings in Mumbai I end up in the backseat of an Uber trying to hold back tears. There is no reason for them but when I have time alone (rare since am constantly busy), the urge to scream and cry is very strong. It isn’t the lack of people, there are many just one phone call away. The fact that am not making the phone call, is another thing. I don’t feel that way when I have managed to go for a long run.

I missed yesterday morning’s run and with ADHM so close, I can’t afford to. I decided to leave for NCPA at 5 pm and run for 2 hours from 6-8 pm. As it happened, I got delayed and reached NCPA at 7.45 pm. The urge to cancel the run was very strong. How was I to run for 2 hours during peak hours in South Mumbai? Who runs till 10 at night? And who the hell travels from Powai to NCPA for a run (a travel which costs 350 bucks in a cab and takes atleast an hour one way)? This is insane. But it was my punishment for missing the morning run. I came across many runners at Nariman Point and Marine Drive. From there I ran on Walkeshwar road which had slopes. I had been hoping to avoid slopes because ADHM doesn’t have any. I reached Raj Bhawan and turned back. The road took me to Hanging gardens. I was running on a nearly deserted road with little or no light under the moon. I haven’t done that even in Delhi or Gurgaon. The weather was quite pleasant though the smell of the sea carried putrid smells of urine and shit (but that’s Mumbai). I stopped to buy a bottle of water at a tiny shop and used the loo at Marine drive. At 16 km, I decided to stop and not run any further. I had reached Nariman Point, it was almost 10 pm and I was exhausted. 16 km is better than 0 km though not as good as 18 km.

I have also decided to give up on Mumbai. I won’t be making any special efforts to bond with the city or explore it. It’s just not worth it. I don’t love it and won’t pretend to even like the city or it’s residents. I am here for a short time and that’s the only thought that gets me through every day. Also, my job. I am learning something new everyday and it requires a lot of maturity on my part. A LOT.

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