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Hiya… I am sorry for not blogging in a week. It is a hectic month and I am waiting for it to end.


I watched the above movie in the theatre over the weekend and just found the time to blog. It is produced by Anurag Kashyap… I would have watched it even if the reviews were bad. KC and I decided to catch at R City Mall. Unfortunately there was sooooo much traffic on LBS road that I had to turn into a rash driver. I missed the beginning but thats ok… I had read the story and knew what happens.
I liked it… very much. Udaan is the story of a teenager abused by his father. The teenager (don’t remember his name) has acted very well, Ronit Roy as the father is fab and Ram Kapoor as the uncle is good. It is strange but I think 2010 is the year of the underdogs. The big budget films with stars are getting a miss while audience flocks to small budget movies with newcomers or little known actors. I hope Bollywood learns its lesson. The audience has passed the judgement… no more trash from now on.
Coming back to Udaan… it is obvious that if a son is regularly hit by his father he should turn away from violence but thats not what happens in reality. The way people react to you when you are growing up is how you start reacting to people. We may not imbibe the “good things” from parents but we are in extreme danger of inculcating their faults.
The movie is a sad one… but I didn’t feel like crying at all… instead there were scenes where we were laughing our guts out.
It left me with one thought- “Parents are humans… sometimes they forget that… and sometimes the kids also forget that. Just because someone has kids does not make them perfect or even a parent”.
There are some movies which I forget as soon as it is over… and then there are others which go on and on and on and on in my head. Udaan comes in the latter category.
Don’t miss this masterpiece.

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