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Sorabh Pant @hankypanty

“Saala Obama.

How he judges India’s religious intolerance and then goes to Saudi?”

Because, idiot: he expects better from us.

As should you.

I don’t know why people are complaining about what Obama said. He didn’t lie. Are we all perfect? No. Yet we criticize everything. Why can’t he? And he is aware about the racism in USA. He admitted it. What more do people want? 

Clarke Kant @clarkekant

End racism by fucking each other until we’re all one color

That’s only way to end racism. 

Cersei Lannister @Queen_Cersei

Cure a headache by bitch-slapping the person who gave it to you.

 Total bitch, isn’t she?

Saap Association @saapassociation ·

What clothing do snakes never share?

Co-bras *kaboom*

This guy/gal is a teenager who pretends to be snake on twitter. Crazy and sooo funny. 

Daniel Fernandes @absolutelydanny

Ordered a roast beef sandwich. Waiter is now filing an FIR.

 Wouldn’t be surprised if this happened

महिमा @AGirlOfHerWords ·

Hindu Mahasaba is just a secret matrimonial initiative by fed up parents whose kids refuse to get married.

Manish @Slysterr ·

Tomorrow Delhi people have to make an important decision.Instagramming just the inked finger or a selfie at the photo booth?

The शुभेंदू झा ! @BadkaBhaiya ·

Some politicians be like -Congratulations! You`ve won a lifetime supply of air.

Not valid under water, in space, when dead, or while choking

Roflindian 2.0 @Roflindian

Ours is that sort of a free country where it is impossible to share in public what we say or do in private.

Varun @varungrover ·

*Amit Shah’s phone rings*

Modi: Jaag rahe ho?

AS: Haan, kya hua?

Modi: Piano jugaado.

AS: Hain? Kyun?

Modi: ‘Dost dost na raha’ gaana hai.

With reference to Modi’s criticism of India’s division on religious lines



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