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I read the news about how Neha Dhupia got abused for commenting that the government should do “real” work instead of the selfie with daughter and yoga stuff. Last month, Shruti Seth was at the receiving end due to her anti-Modi comments. I think this is atrocious and would protest if I didn’t have to face abuses for calling Raveena Tandon in Bombay Velvet “ugly” and giving a decent rating to the movie on my blog.

Basically, if you are on twitter, you will get trolled. No matter who your are and what you have to say. And if you are a woman, the trolling goes into really filthy territory. I use the block button liberally in this case instead of engaging trolls or even retweeting the abuses, like celebs do. Shruti and Neha had the option too. But they decided to speak up and get publicity.

I am not defending trolls here. I think abusing people is a waste of time. I don’t know how people have so much time in a day. Maybe they can lend me some extra time so I can spend 2 more hours at the gym? Earlier, I would speak up against people I follow if they made sexist comments but now I don’t bother. Following them is my choice and I can just unfollow. Everyone has a right to their opinion- even if it is abusive, negative and anti-me.

Here is my problem with all these incidents getting unnecessary limelight- it has the stink of an agenda. Everytime someone gets trolled for anti-govt/anti-BJP and specifically, anti-Modi views, it gets a lot of publicity. Why? Don’t Shruti and Neha get abused for other things they say? Of course, they do. Then why only highlight this? I don’t see them highlighting abusive people in general.

Why not just ignore such people? Hasn’t Neha been called a slut even in general because she is an actress?

I don’t get it. Just ignore. Wasting time arguing with stupid people over stupid things is only done by people who have nothing better to do. Unfortunately, there are many people like that.


I am not for Modi or BJP or current governement.

I am a feminist.

I don’t think anyone should go around abusing anyone.

I am not defending the trolls.

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