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By the end of tomorrow, I will be a certified TRX trainer. I am not sure if I will get the opportunity to train anyone in the next few months, but am going to try. If I was in Gurgaon, I would have started shadowing the TRX trainers – Amit or Mac every Thursday or/and Fridays but I have just moved to Mumbai and building the same kind of rapport and network is going to take time. The objective is to perfect my basics and understand the nuances of the workout. For 8 hours tomorrow, am going to do what I love the most.

This is a good time to talk about how I got acquainted with TRX. When I joined Fitness First, I attended the different group classes to figure out what I like the best- RPM, core, yoga, body balance, body combat, body pump etc. TRX was one of the last classes I tried. I had to register 20 mins before the class started else it got packed. Amit was the trainer and I was blown away. Not because he was hot, FF is full of hot men and women of all kinds, but because he gave personal attention to everyone. TRX was the only class where the trainer taught beginners the basics and pushed the intermediates to do better. That is what hooked me onto it. I wanted to do TRX everyday of the week but the class was only on Fridays. I started attending it regularly and getting better at everything. I couldn’t do 5 crunches when I started, now I can do 100 comfortably. Amit started pushing me harder and harder till I was among the best.

I NEVER missed TRX. The 7.30-8.30 pm (7.20 pm during winters) was sanctimonious and highlight of the week. If I went off track for a week, Fridays would be when I got back to the gym. I realized that the only way to do this everyday of my life was if it was my profession. I got Amit to spare an hour from his busy schedule and give me tips. He told me about the fitness industry, the amount of money one can earn, certifications required etc etc. He promised that next time there was TRX certification he would inform me immediately.

In April, the certification was supposed to be held but it got cancelled. Just as well because it was our anniversary and we had planned a trip to Bandhavgarh which I didn’t want to cancel. Since then I have been waiting for the certification to happen.

A month back I was early to the gym and got chatting with Mohit. Mohit works at a startup and takes body pump class on Wednesday nights. He put me on the mailing list of Professional Fitness which conducts the certifications. Professional Fitness told me they would have TRX course in August but weren’t sure of the dates. Then I got a mail with 28th August as the date but they needed 6 participants and only 1 person had paid till Wednesday. I was in a fix- Should I run the Hyderabad half marathon for which I had enrolled and booked the flight or reschedule for Delhi even though there was no confirmation the course would be held. I decided to take a chance but had a sinking feeling it would get cancelled again. When Neha from PF mailed me yesterday confirming the certification was happening, I couldn’t believe it. I paid for it today and still can’t believe it’s finally happening.

Whether I manage to take even one class of TRX or not, tomorrow is a big step forward towards what I want to do. Maybe not as a profession but definitely as a hobby.

I am happy goals don’t change when your life changes. You just have to want things bad enough.

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