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I have come across this blog and will not be able to stop till I have read every post on it. It’s like ‘OMG, That’s how I think’.

Copying a part of the post from the blog here because something similar happened to me and am sure it did with a lot of women.

“Among other talents my mother is adept at embarrassing herself and the people around her. Oh the suffering I have faced… Puberty did not see me well-endowed at the chest level. Of course, not that things improved much later on but let’s keep to our story here. Meeting one of my better-endowed-in-That-department friends, she begins (with her usual bad grammar),
Ma: What is this, how come you people have mountains and this girl is flat?
Me: Ma, please…
Seeing that further entreaties proved futile, I retreated to a safe distance. My friend joins me and sympathetically asks,”She was talking about boobs, wasn’t she.” “Yes, now shut up” I reply, trying to salvage what’s left of my dignity.”

And thank god, there is a woman who criticizes her family. How annoying is it when people actually walk up or comment on your posts ‘But my parents are not like that. They are best on this planet’. Yes, I believe everything people tell me *sarcasm*

I was 13 or 14, I think. Puberty hit me late. Growing up in a hostel means everyone knows whether you have started your periods or not and if you wear a bra or not. It was a very frustrating time in my life. My boobs refused to grow… no matter how much I cajoled them, talked to them or thought about them… which was 24/7. I hated going outdoors because I didn’t have boobs. I hated meeting friends because- no boobs. Basically, the only thing I wanted from God was- boobs.

And then comes a distant masi (grand father’s brother’s daughter) who asks my mother why I don’t have boobs till now. Because that is a question a human being has an answer to. Or maybe my mother, as a paediatrician’s wife, is supposed to know. Mom in an embarrassed tone told her ‘She is still young. They will come’. My only thought then was ‘What if they don’t? I don’t want to let down my mom who has awesome boobs. I want to carry her legacy forward’.

I may not have the largest cans or even large cans but I am pretty happy with what I have. Because there was a time I didn’t have them. I guess that’s what the higher power above (who does not exist) was going for – gratefulness for whatever I have.

Smart chap, this guy is. Actually, I think it’s a woman. Smart lady, this higher up is. Manipulated me into being happy with what I have.

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