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I am tired of looking for topics to talk about. There are too many things I cannot talk about and that’s annoying. There are days I wake up wanting to start an anonymous blog. In my head, it seemed like a ridiculous idea but as I type it out, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Anyway, I am going to try and write here daily and talk about whatever I can. Most of it will be trivial stuff.

I woke up today with a long to-do list and like any normal person I have spent all morning procrastinating. Of course, KC was supposed to leave for cricket (his dedication to cricket is admirable. I should have been more demanding during our courtship) around noon and that gave me the excuse of spending time with him and finishing chores once he is gone.

  • Groceries : Ordered online. But I wanted only one thing desperately and I couldn’t find it on the website even though it is available at Modern Bazaar stores. A pack of ear buds. Yes, my dear friends, am obsessed with ear buds. I have to clean my ears every morning. It is a habit for a long time now. My mom called the habit unhealthy but I need to do it else am aware about unclean ears all day long. I carry ear buds even when am travelling. If I don’t, am worried throughout the trip. I can bet KC has not noticed this quirk. So, now I have to go to a store and buy the ear buds. Sigh!!! *The store called. They are sending me the ear buds. Does 90s dance steps*
  • Check out the new post office and see if I can courier the books from there else I will have to go all the way to Galleria. *I am probably the only one on this planet who “checks out” a post office*. And yes, the books giveaway is real. I have to courier books to Kolkata and Bangalore today. Mumbaikers will get them on 3rd feb when am in town and Gurgaonites will be handed over the books at their doorsteps or as close to the doorsteps I can possibly get.
  • Tailor and laundry. These guys are my best friends. They see me more often than anyone else in my life (except KC, of course).
  • Buy a tiffin box. I have become the lady who is obsessed with dabbas. Just like all mothers. For some reason, I end up losing dabbas of tiffin boxes every few months. The cook denies taking them. So does the maid. The previous cook got offended when I asked her not to carry food in the office dabbas. I had to kindly explain to her that she has access to any other dabbas but these. I need them to carry food to office. I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight if a new tiffin box is not home.
  • Go to Silofer at GK2 for a new nose ring. I got my nose pierced 3-4 months back and can finally replace the ugly ring with a new one. I could do this in Gurgaon too but I don’t know any place. Also, I have to go to Sirifort (Weirdass pajama festival) so going to GK isn’t all that inconvenient.

My biggest pain in life right now are the 2 big pimples which have popped up because I didn’t wash my face at night for 2-3 days. No, I didn’t sleep with make up on. I never do that. With all the Clarins stores in Delhi out of Lotus oil (I called the stores and checked. Why travel to the store when you can get the info on the phone?) I am desperate. Hopefully, Mumbai stores will have stocks. Yes, am going to call them and check.

I didn’t go for a run today but am not feeling guilty. The upcoming half marathon on 28th Feb isn’t that important. I will be back on track once the guilt kicks in. As long as am working out over the week and eating right am not that bothered. I deserve the break.

So, those are the highlights of my superficial, non dramatic life on the weekend. Ciao.


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