Travel for work- Bhopal

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I was in Bhopal yesterday, it was my 2nd visit to this town. Last time (2 years back), we had stayed at Indore, travelled to Bhopal in the morning and taken a flight out from there. My association (if I can call it that) with MP goes way back.

My sister got married at Indore.

KC was in Indore for a few months and I would fly out from Mumbai on Saturday night and fly back on Monday morning. It is also where I bought my engagement ring.

Fun story here. We exchanged rings so we could stay at hotels as a couple.

Another fun story- I changed my mind about the ring 2 weeks later and got it exchanged with another one at A’bad. Needless to mention, I spend my own money on rings now.

I was impressed with Bhopal. It is green, clean and has many lakes. The food was good too though I would like to try local places next time. Well, there will be ample visits to satisfy my inner foodie.


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