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I did not travel last month because I have to first plan the travel, take approval and then book tickets 14 days in advance. It is a long process and none of the steps can be skipped. For one reason or another I could not travel.
This month, I decided to go to Bangalore and Hyderabad which was long due. When I don’t travel for a month, I get lazy and the thought of boarding a flight and the long days makes me not look forward to it. Sometimes it is just about starting out on something.
On the personal front (trip was for official reasons), I was looking forward to meeting RT. I don’t know when we will meet again since she is moving to USA next month.
We met for dinner on Monday at ‘On the edge’ which is next to 13th floor on M G road. I love 13th floor… It is a lounge with a view of the city. You can spend hours nursing a drink and enjoying the view. On Tuesday, we went for dinner to Touche or Page 3, as it is now called, at Indiranagar. The restaurant had touch screen menus. Yep, the bumpkin that I am- from Mumbai…. I have never seen touch screen menus.
I also went shopping for a bit – how could I not? RT does not believe me when I tell her that Bangalore has better stuff. It is like this- it has huge outlets which are 2-3 times of those in Mumbai and so more range and variety. Also, Bangalore crowd is more cosmopolitan ensuring that the range is better. I visited the Splash store on Brigade road and loved their stuff. I didn’t have enough time to shop though.
Bangalore is one of my favorite cities- it has parks… Not lame neighborhood parks… Actual parks. There is one on MG road near the metro station. Park in the heart of the city? A’bad is the only such other city which I know of. The crowd is cosmopolitan. The women are well turned out with very trendy hair cuts. Even those dressed in salwar kameez do not look shabby (unlike in Mumbai where shabbiness is considered a style statement) but have a style of their own. The weather is so awesome. People are nice…. Seriously.
Sure, the traffic sucks but that’s India. Hopefully, with the metro coming in things will improve.

I am off to Gurgaon tomorrow for 4 days. Yoohoo!!! I decided to travel by train this time but till last night my ticket was RAC 13 down from the initial Waitlisted 58. I decided not to take a chance will now be taking a flight instead.


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