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Why do people travel?

  1. To explore a new destination or revisit an old one

  2. To get away from everyone and everything

  3. To pursue hobbies or adventure activities

  4. To spend more time with people they care about

Except for the last one, none of the above reasons require company. Instead, point 2 requires that you categorically travel without people.

I only travel for 1, 2 and 3. The best outcome of marriage has been having the perfect travel partner. KC and I had taken a trip to Matheran within the first month of dating. Through subsequent trips together, we have developed a certain comfort zone. Taking regular trips is a priority for both of us. He has never backed out of a trip because of work (ugh). Sure, there are places he does not want to visit (Bhutan, treks and Kaziranga national park (????)) and likes completely relaxed vacations while I like to explore everything there is to see. All our fights on vacations surround this. Over the years, we have found a balance and it works 80% of the time.

My rules for vacations (for myself):

  1. 75% of relaxation time will be spent reading

  2. Other 25% will be spent sleeping

  3. Morning runs are mandatory

  4. The destination will be explored to the fullest. None of the bullshit of spending all day in the resort and not even exploring the city

  5. Shopping isn’t a priority. It never is.

  6. Conversations will be kept to bare minimum

  7. Drugs and liqour aren’t part of my vacations

That’s it. I am quite chill that way. #notreally

The only reason I would look for someone else to travel with is if I was trying to spend more time with them. But the idea of spending 24/7 with another person who wants to talk sounds exhausting.

A vacation is about the destination or about getting away from everyone and everything.

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