Train train ki kahani

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On Monday I was rushing to catch my train from Mumbai to Rajkot. For 15 mins I could not find an auto from Goregoan to take me to Borivali. It was peak traffic time and I was afraid if I didn’t find an auto/taxi soon I would miss my train. Finally, I spotted some taxiwalas chatting… I requested one of them to drop me to the station. He obliged but demanded double charge. I gave in… there was no option. While speeding through the traffic (if THAT is possible), I dialed the hotel’s no to book a room for the next day. They didn’t have any vacant rooms since it is wedding season (hate wedding seasons). I asked them to contact other hotels and get me a room. In the meantime, I dialed the no of the best hotel in Rajkot which is always booked and I had not managed to get a room ever. I was in luck… they had rooms vacant. I looked at the watch and prayed the train was late for once. The taxi dropped me at the station 10 mins late. I had given up all hope and didn’t care where he dropped me… the train would have left. Balancing my luggage I reached the station… miracle!!!… the train was there. I jumped into the nearest compartment as the train pulled out.

It was a strange experience… I felt like 2 opposing forces were playing. One force tried to put obstacles in my way and another one was sorting out everything. It was a strange feeling.

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