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My job is taking to me to the fringes of Mumbai.. like Vasai, Mira road, Bhayender, Kalyan etc. Getting to these places involves travel by train… which I generally avoid. KC makes a big show when I travel by train… “Nice. Her Highness is travelling by train” etc etc

Anyway… I went to Vasai today… my first time. I took the train to Dadar and then to Virar. There was no route map on the train. I was not sure when Vasai arrives… the journey went on and on and on… Mira road then Bhayender then Naigaon. Thats when I began to worry… what if I was on the incorrect route? I didn’t want to call anyone and ask… the passengers around me would know I am lost. Finally, Vasai arrived. There was a lady at the auto stand… driving the auto. I was surprised… the first lady auto driver I have come across. There are so many job options closed to women… don’t know why.
I was exhausted on my return. I can never manage the train travel on a daily basis.
The pigeons have learned to fly and vacated the nest. Yippie!!!

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  1. Train journeys are difficult, if you don’t travel by them regularly. The most dangerous part is traveling in the ladies compartment. (I never went there but I know what happens there). Please take the ladies special. You should ask the station master at the platform for directions, if you are lost or best call a friend.

    Regarding the job option for women you are right. Most employers still prefer men over women (I really don’t know why).

  2. Clean up the nest before they return or u would be welcoming them every day!! and ur cleaning efforts would need to increase many folds.

    On the other note: I have seen women auto drivers even in Chennai 🙂

  3. For God sake keep the place clean and occupied, difficult for pigeons to nest again. Please avoid dispossing off eggs again.

  4. @ Sundeep: Thanks for the advice. Why is travelling in the ladies compartment dangerous?

    @ RT: Yeah… I will have to. Really?Women auto drivers in Chennai? Not bad

    @ Howard: Can’t keep it occupied… I like the balcony empty… and if they lay eggs again, I will have to dispose off them… or I could parcel them to you… 😉

  5. VERY FUNNY!!! I was only feeling a bit sympathetic about the mother… I guess you are enjoying inviting pigeons by giving them space and playing K-Lal with their eggs…

  6. Lol… I was feeling sympathetic for a month but when they started taking over the balcony I had to show who is the Boss. Pigeons make the balcony dirty which could lead to infections. I like keeping my surroundings clean… even at the cost of inconveniencing some stupid birds.

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