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Most days am a sensible person with burts of insanity but there are some days when I act surprisingly out of character.

I was back in Mumbai after 10 days of break and it was raining. I was dressed early and decided to reach office early so I could leave early in the evening. I had enough time to put on my highest heels I brought from Gurgaon and apply everything in my make up kit. From mascara to brow pencil, my face had everything on. I tried booking an Ola share (no Uber pool in the area I have moved to. No markets either. Or restaurants) but couldn’t find one. Uber Go had bhayankar surge pricing which lasted for 48 hours.

I decided to take the train. Not a big deal in Mumbai EXCEPT I haven’t even been to this harbour line station before. I knew there are trains which take 20 mins to Vile Parle (where my office is located) so I didn’t think much about it. In my heels, with gym and lunch bag in tow, face painted with make up and without an umbrella, I hailed the kaali peeli to take me to the station. I paid 80 bucks for the 20 mins drive, bought the train ticket (Rs 50) and waited for the train. It was raining but I had avoided getting drenched. The train to Andheri came in 5 mins and I got on. The first class was mostly empty but the seats were wet so I would have to stand. It wouldn’t be an inconvenience till Bandra, when the train fills up. Another 5 mins passed but the train didn’t move. People started getting off. Rains picked up. What was happening? I got off and enquired. Mahim station was flooded and the train was getting diverted to Vashi. Just my luck. Nobody seemed fazed. People continued to wait. A train to Panvel came and went. Another to some other harbour line. It was 8.45 am, 45 mins since I left home, 15 mins past the time I had expected to reach office.

I walked out of the station, in my heels, face painted with waterproof make up, gym and lunch bag in tow, without an umbrella. And walked. And walked. And walked. In the rain. All the cabbies rejected me. Ola couldn’t detect my location. Uber had surge pricing. So I walked. And walked. And walked. Till one kaali peeli decided to drop me.

I reach office at 9.45 am. 1.45 hours after I originally left. Spent 100 bucks more than what Uber was charging me at surge pricing.

BUT… my mascara or make up didn’t run. So, I made one decision right. Right? Right?

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  1. Hahah…can’t help laughing at the last line.

    Rains in Mumbai can be harsh…The city is supposed to make you tough if you are not tough enough already …hugs !

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