Traffic Woes

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I get exhausted these days… don’t know if it is the driving. Yesterday while returning home there was traffic at every junction… every road… Lower Parel, Matunga, Mahim, Dadar, Sion, Chembur, Eastern Express Highway. Listening to music helps me relax in traffic. One positive thing about Mumbai traffic is.. there is no un-necessary honking. I mean… while driving you won’t find people blaring their horns… it only happens when somebody does not move or cuts the queue.

Today while jogging I realized I appreciate music only when I listen to it on headphones… at other times I am too distracted. In the mornings… music plays while I get dressed… and then in the car… and then while jogging when I can hear every word.

4 thoughts on “Traffic Woes

  1. Although most corporates are headquartered from Mumbai, their taxes are channelized to Delhi by politicians to be generously showered on 4-6 lane roads and air conditioned metro, without the slightest contribution to educate Delhites to be disciplined with dough rest of the country shells out.

  2. @Howard: Hmm… maybe… maybe not. Most corporates are moving to Gurgaon now… it is Mumbai’s loss

    @ RT: Not everyday re…driving is very tiring

    @KC: I don’t lie… 😛

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