Top Chef in my kitchen

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This is what happened yesterday. Our cook took leave in the evening. KC and I planned to go out or order in.

Me: Plz leave the fan on in the bedroom even if its empty. I dont like feeling hot even for a minute
KC: The electricity consumption is highest for a fan
Me: Its ok. I can afford it. Atleast I dont leave the geyser on for whole day and then pay huge electricity bill
KC: Fine… Since we have to save money… We will not eat out. I will cook khichdi.
Me: Cool
KC: I am serious.
Me: So am I
KC: Let me call my mom for the recipe
Me: I can tell you the recipe
KC: No, I want to make the way my mom makes it.

He starts. I stay away. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity when I can lounge on the couch while he slaves in the kitchen.

KC: (With tears in his eyes): I hate cutting onions
( After sometime): Turn on the gas. I am not comfortable with the stove.

I do so.

(After some more time): Add the salt. I find it confusing.

And then we have steaming, yummy khichdi.

1 year back I would not have imagined that he would learn to cook. I am so proud of him

KC- You asked me not to put it on fb… There was no mention of the blog.

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