Top 5 Updates

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  1. Off to Goa on Wednesday… When Mom refused to let me come home KC and I decided to take a well deserved break
  2. What if you realized that the bad guy was actually the good guy and vice versa… that I had been trusting the wrong guy all along. But then again, isn’t good and bad a perception? My perceptions are shaped by someone else’s experiences
  3. Last month I was obsessed with purses… this month it is footwear. I have vowed not buy either for the next one year…. footwear from Linking Road, Bandra do not count. I believe in love at first sight when it comes to shopping
  4. It has been a good month… touched the highest sales nos. I have been lucky to have handled high potential sales areas. The only bad part is work for next month begins even before the current month is over.
  5. It has been soooooooooo difficult to concentrate on work. So much to do and so much excitement in the air…

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