Too late in the night to think of a title

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The weather is so awesome that I can’t bear to go home. Typing this out is my excuse to stay downstairs for a few minutes.

Sometimes I like to think back on the first time I met someone. I recall all the people I have connected with through this person and all the experiences I have had. It makes me wonder – is it a decision we make? Or is it destiny? Would I have met this person anyway and had the experience or would I have met someone else and had a different experience? Are we all entangled connections or is there a method to the chaos?

I don’t believe in the first impressions theory. I never remember the first impression of the person. Rather, I only know the ‘now’.

We were walking to the complex after parking the car. I was walking backwards when KC said “You will fall”. I said to him “But you will catch me before I do, won’t you?”

(Paraphrasing here).

I want to hold on to this moment because sometimes it feels like it’s slipping away.


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