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  • Some people walk into your life to support and help you through a tough time. It always saddens me when I lose contact with them and connecting again is an issue. After a few years, our lives change so much that it becomes difficult to find a common point. I met someone like that last week and was quite happy that conversation was not very awkward. I don’t think I can call it awkward at all. As I grow older (why does everything come down to my age these days) I like to connect back with people who have been important, even if, for a while.


  • This month has been filled with outings- Citibank restaurant week, Zomato meet up, stand up comedy shows. Whew!!! I would like to relax a little in October though it seems highly unlikely. There is a trip planned, then am taking a colleague sight seeing to Delhi and then there is a review which will take up 3 days. And we still have to plan what to do for Diwali. Nope, I don’t celebrate Diwali. Really? Celebrate a festival because Ram defeated Ravana and returned to Ayodhya with Sita? I don’t like how that story ends. Or even believe in that story. So, no, not spending money on stupidity.


  • I watched 6 stand up comedians’ performance this month. That is a lot, even by my standards. And two of them are female comedians. There are three female stand up comedians whose shows I have seen- Neeti Palta, Aditi Mittal and Radhika Vaz. Men joke about politics, sex, women, children, ethnicity etc etc. Women joke about all this AND sexism. All of them highlight social issues and what being a woman means in India. In a way, they are activists for women. When Radhika talked about being a 40 year old, married woman without kids; I realised the battle for me has just started. If I have so much bullshit to stand up to as I cross 30 years, what happens when am 40 years? And God forbid, if am without a kid at 40 yrs!!!! How will the people around me be able to live that!!! And I’d rather get a dog than a kid. Seriously. Atleast, dogs don’t outlive humans.






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