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Men love their hair as much as their balls. I don’t understand why they love their balls… understanding the hair part is more tricky.
My secret fantasy is to get a guy to shave from top to bottom… the hair on the head and eyebrows can be spared.
What is this obssession with their hair?

  • The hair look yuck… disgusting… sickening… and men show them off by wearing shorts. In my 12th std while joining the Biology tuitions in A’bad the professor had told my Mom dos and don’ts.. “Girls are to dress decently for the tuitions… no shorts allowed”. One fine morning (at 6.15 am) the guys in my batch turned up in shorts… the girls were taken aback… their legs looked so creepy… it was an unpleasant sight. I still don’t understand why the Prof preferred to look at such ugly legs rather than the pretty and shaved legs of his female students.
  • Hair stink… we all know that… why do guys like to stink?
  • Arm pit hair are the worst… imagine a pretty girl in a sleeveless top… she raises her hand and you spot her arm pit hair… Pukish!!! Right?? Thats exactly how it feels when men raise their hands. Shaving arm pits is the bare minimum that ANY guy can/should do.
  • Hairy Butt… A girl bends down revealing her butt… sexy? I don’t know… a guy bends revealing his hairy butt!!! A very common phenomenon. Ever heard of belts???

Lets make this world a better, cleaner and nice smelling place by shaving!!!

4 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. 1. Many women actually like their men hairy. If men are clean shaven, they then move a degree towards the feminine. The women who like their men hairy have a higher degree of the feminine instint than the women who like their men smooth.
    2. Many women can get quite hairy, and to assume that men like to look at women’s legs would be a generalization that is largely untrue. In India, of 10 women, 2 have legs that men love to look at, 3 have legs that men can stand to look at, and 5 have legs that men wouldnt look at even if they were paid to do it.
    3. Hair, with a minimal hygiene routine, does not stink.
    4. Armpit hair, I might have to agree. Some women may disagree though.
    5. Lastly, I’ve seen my fair share of women with butt crack hair. And you are right, it is an ugly sight.

  2. @Anonymous:
    1. Wow… I didn’t know that.. hope it is a fact and not a prejudice.
    2. Lol… men who wont look a woman’s legs are actually looking at something else
    3. Men don’t generally follow the minimum hygiene routine
    4. Why will some women disagree?
    5. Ok

    @Rahul: Lol. It was meant to be

    @Jani: Nahi yaar… it is a common topic of dicussion among women

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