This year’s running mantra- Finish Strong

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I just finished my last (I promise it is THE LAST) long run before SCMM today. No matter what happens on the race day, I am very, very, very proud of my training this time. Yes, a lot of things could go wrong. The humidity could get to me. Or the heat. Or a dormant injury could flare up. The number of runners who faint in Mumbai even while running the half marathon is not funny.

This year I was determined to train well for SCMM even though running in the cold takes immense will power and support. Many experienced runners have dropped out of SCMM because they haven’t trained at all this season or they pushed themselves too hard in earlier runs and are now nursing an injury. As a runner, I aim to avoid both situations.

Last year I ran 50 km in 6 runs between ADHM and SCMM.

This time I ran 122 km in 18 runs.

I didn’t take even a week’s break after ADHM and was back on my feet training for SCMM. To keep things interesting, I changed my running route. Instead of the usual- running around the building complex or on MG road; I switched it to Bio D (for the inclines), Leisure Valley (for the muddy track), Ghata (inclines) and Central Delhi (for the flat course). The hard runs were quite few- maybe 1-2 hill repeats and that is something I hope to improve next year.

Running in the winters is simply torture. Sure, you can run late on weekends but then you have to deal with traffic. It makes sense to start early and get the long run out of the way. Sunrise happens at 7 am and I still cannot wake up when it’s dark. The only time I manage is when I run with the group. Once you say “in” to a run, you will have to back out among 10-15 active (and atleast 50 inactive) runners. You can do it once but do it twice, and you may lose your credibility. This year’s winter is mild compared to earlier years but it is still very cold in the mornings.

I also ran while travelling which was a first for me. I am not going to let travelling get in the way of my workouts/runs. I will do a post on this soon.

I have no timing target. I just want to finish strong. I want to sprint to the finish line unlike last year when I walked with a busted knee.

I have also realised the importance of races. They keep you on your toes. I am going to participate in one event every month so there is slag in my training. It need to be half marathons. I am going to run more of 5 km/10km type races than halfs in 2016.

The mantra for this year- Run strong. Stay consistent. Enjoy the run.

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