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Hiya. We have been cooped up in our bedroom for last 2 weeks. If only we were teenagers, it is a no brainer what we would be upto. Truth is we bought an oil filled heater which is so much better than a regular heater. Our room is the only warm place and we watch TV, have meals and sleep there. Since the heater is not effective in the large living room, we have stopped using it.
I travelled to Amravati which was a 10 hour journey to and fro – 4 hours by air and 6 hrs by road. Despite the travel I managed to complete 6 hrs of workout.
We went to an interesting restaurant over the weekend – Soda Bottle Openerwala at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. It serves Parsi and Bombay cuisine. KC had keema pav which was ok while I had a chicken berry pulao. I don’t generally like dry fruits in my food but the berries/black currants added a nice flavor to the spicy pulao. It cost us 1200 bucks including tea and soft drink. Pricey but good.
I had my chums this week… Just when I was travelling. It does time itself well. Working out during chums is such a problem. I was researching about it online and every website recommends exercising. It helps reduce the pain. I listen to my body… If I am upto it I push myself into the gym else skip it.
Next week I am travelling to Hyderabad for a sales workshop. Since the stay is at a 5 star there will be access to a gym and I plan to use it.
That’s it then. Ciao.

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