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My BMA results have stopped surprising me. As I step on the scale, I know exactly what is coming my way? Fat loss? Fat gain? Muscle loss? Muscle gain? Increase in fat %? Decrease in fat %? I need to look into the mirror and I know. I can see the changes – good or bad or stagnation. There are no miracles. They are a direct result of the hard work we put in. Which is comforting because this is the only aspect of life where that happens. Be it your job or relationships, it has little to do with the effort we put in or the hopes we have.


Learnings of this week:

  • The short and fast runs cannot be skipped because they lead to fat loss.
  • I have eaten too much rice this week and at odd times. Need to stop that.
  • Mangoes have been added to the diet so workout cannot be skipped because they are high calorie food.
  • I have to consume protein at dinner. I have skipped eating anything a few times and that needs to stop.
  • Body Sculpt is more intense than TRX and needs to be part of the schedule.
  • I need to reduce my travel to avoid skipping workouts

This is what the week looks like. I have a big review on Friday followed by a corporate party so TRX class will have to be skipped. I may get my BMA done on Friday night (if possible) or on Saturday morning. Also, very happy that the pool has opened. After a few weeks, swimming in the same pool gets awfully boring but until then am looking forward to it.


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  1. Body Sculpt is intense. The little pulses can do soooo much to your body 🙂
    And every week is improvement. The process works. I got my review done and now already looking forward to the next one..!!

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