*This incident may also be true because it is so common*

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Meeting in the conference room with New guy, Old guy, Man 1, Man 2, Man-who-exists (MWE) and woman.

New Guy : So we recruited people from lower rung B schools, trained them and then gave them a job as sales executives. Guess who were the top performers. The non male candidates.

Everyone : Wow!!! What a surprise.

Woman trying not to roll her eyes out of her head

Old Guy: Looking at the woman That is no surprise at all.

Woman remembers to give a kind smile at the condescension

Man-who-exists : Yeah, one of the distributors has a female salesperson and she is very good at dealing with the men. Very upfront and aggressive.

Woman in her head : I should do shots everytime they use ‘aggressive’ to describe a female sales person.

New Guy : Even in South Delhi, these females were excellent at dealing with retailers and wholesalers

Woman in her head : Oooh… women who know how to deal with lecherous men. Hey… that is all the women on this planet.

I guess now I know why females are not preferred in sales. They are far better at the job and men are insecure about losing another profession to the superior species.

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