Things to do on Sunday: The Schedule

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  • Wake up at 7 am… for some strange reason I find it easier to wake up early on Sunday… it is like I want to live each minute of the day and not waste it sleeping (I am not a big fan of sleeping during the day).
  • 7-7.30 am: Water plants (my babies… :))… fertilise them… eat fruits
  • 7.30-8.30 am: Gym/Jog
  • 8.30-9 am: Read newspaper- The newspaper guy has not asked for his money since July (the month I moved into the flat)… I have been calling him and leaving messages requesting him to give me a bill so I can pay him… Mumbai is filled with ALL kinds of weirdos
  • 9- 10 am: Give the car for repair… Maid arives… Clean house… wipe cupboards (cleaning them with normal cloth does not give very good results… any tips?), mirrors, refrigerator, wash clothes
  • 10 am: Have breakfast… Sunday is reserved for Poha since it is KC’s fav… he is not home this Sunday … 🙁
  • 11- 12: Bath
  • 12.35- 2.35 pm: Movie- A Christmas Carol
  • 2.35 pm: Salon
  • 3.30 onwards: Relax at home… play Scrabble…. update pen drive for music in car…

Plan for Saturday: Today

  • 6-7.30 pm: Pick up a CD for tonight… Fix an appointment at the garage for car repairs… Grocery Shopping… Buy plants
  • 8-9 pm: Gym/Jog
  • 9- 9.30 pm: Cook Dinner
  • 9.30 onwards: Dinner… Movie… Plan menu for week…

I am sooooo Monica. I never imagined I have a Monica in me… but I guess it takes a Chandler (her disorganized, lazy hubby) to realize she is a Monica. I am not kidding… My house is always clean… and I get nightmares if clothes pile up for laundry… I wonder how KC will adjust with me when he shifts. How do 2 people lead a common lifestyle after marriage? How do they manage to wake up at the same time, eat together, sleep at the same time, merge their social life, have common hobbies and interests? Beats me…

In today’s hectic times Sunday is the only day a couple will spend together… Should they spend it together or apart in respective activities or with friends (another question: whose friends???) or with family (whose family???)…

Married people… and also single people… and the in-between confused people… enlighten me.

7 thoughts on “Things to do on Sunday: The Schedule

  1. 🙂 BLUSH… I am single. I cannot relate to your questions because like SIMPLE, everything is relative. I am eager to show somebody (anybody) how good I am at managing grocerries, finances and laundry. It would not mater whoes friends/family, because cherishing important things of her life would become my priority. And, all except Joey appear fake to me. Joey is one awesome guy, who makes the notion of being GAY comprehensible to me.

  2. u really think two lives merge and merge so easily so soon… me and veena are married for 3 year now… she is an earlier riser and me a night owl… but now it works smooth… i have to be in bedroom till she and Aayu are asleep. then i am free to go to drawing room and read / watch movies / drink… the next day she wakes up early and ensures the maid does her work properly. she loves hindi movies so we watch 3 hindi movies to watch one english movie in theatre. weekend afternoon when she is catching a nap i m free to sit and mix cocktails or warm up the bean bag… she doesnt like me smoking and i ensure she never comes to know about it… she likes lazy vacations so we venture out on 50% of days and 50% of days we are near the pool… she loves non veg i pref veggie food most of the times so we go to places where both are served… oh yes we both love long drives and roadside food… thats a solace.

  3. Monika always reminds me of the song Pia Tu Ab Tu Aaja….. (the one with MONICA OOH MY DARLING…)….ok nuf said, i think i am getting disoriented after reading ur blog…..

  4. @Howard: You are single right now… but that was not the case always… so you do have an idea about some level of adjustment required.
    Joey is great.

    @Jungledude: Is “disorienting” a postive or negative?

    @Vijay: I always wondered how couples who differ in their preference for non veg survive. One or other has to convert. Thats a lot of adjustment and it is good you make it seem so effortless.

  5. Ok, let’s look at it this way. Marriage gives two the opportunity to achieve more than what they could have seperately. Team of two is better than a pair of individuals. Little adjustment is a small price.

  6. @epitomeofevolution: That is rude and judgemental.. from what I infer Veena is a housewife who follows a routine everyday. It also allows her a nap in afternoons while Vijay works 5-6 days in a week. He does deserve one day off. And they seem to have everything balanced. It is his choice to drink at night and her choice to sleep.
    For example- If I had the choice of partying all night with my hubby and friends or sleeping on time I would pick the latter while hubby would be free to do the former.

    @Howard: Nice.. well said.

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