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Everday is a new day and you can wake up in the morning and press the reset button.

Just a few things I would like to do this week and every week :

  • Hit the gym. Get my 3 strength training sessions done. 1 done, 2 more to go.

  • Run a 10 km on Sunday morning. Great way to explore the city. Running route suggestions most welcome. I don’t do loops. Hate loops. Unless they are around Lodhi Gardens.

  • Eat 100 gm of protein everyday starting today.

  • Have 2-3 scoops of whey everyday. Am used to 1 scoop so 3 is quite a stretch, even for me.

  • Eat atleast 2 veggies everyday. Harder than it looks. Way harder.

  • Stop being such an introvert and meet all the people I know in Kolkata. Even if they are boring. They are human company. Always better than WhatsApp messages with people who don’t give a fuck.

  • Journal everyday. Mandatory.

  • Call A. This shouldn’t have to be on a list. And the fact that it is, makes me a pathetic friend. Should have been done already.

  • Focus on the process and the results will follow. I know this. I chanted this everyday at some point in my life.

  • Build back the support system to meet my goals. A strong network is everything.

  • Read books of different genres everyday. Even if it is only 1 chapter of each book.

  • Stop criticizing. Just stop. Put your blinkers back on. Every situation is an opportunity so capitalize on it. Focus on building credibility.

  • Be patient. Be humble. Observe. There will be enough time for action. That time isn’t now.

  • Follow so many dog accounts on IG that everytime you open the App, you are rewarded with the pic of a good boy/girl.

  • Acknowledge am lonely in a new city and at the new workplace. It is ok. But it isn’t a new feeling and I will face it every few years. So find non destructive ways of dealing with it.

  • I would write spend less time on social media but doing all the above will automatically lead to that.

Ciao. Time to leave my King size bed and start on all of the above. Good day y’all.


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