Things that irritate me

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  • People who chew tobacco. Why would anyone do that??? It is a dirty, dirty, dirty habit; worse than smoking. And the teeth are an ugly sight. I always thought this was the habit of the uneducated until recently. I hate the smell of tobacco.
  • People who cross the signal when it turns green. I can’t figure out why. They stop when signal turns red. Somebody ought tell these fuckers that the signal is for vehicles only.
  • People who are late. This is the worse… The most professional people don’t turn up on time. Last week while waiting for a meeting the manager made us wait for 40 mins and then he had the nerve to say; “Sorry… I woke up late”. I had skipped b’fast to be there on time.

It has been on ok Sunday. I have so much to do on weekends it is tiring. My cook is like a kid. I have to teach her the basics of cooking. Sigh!!!

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