Things that come to my mind when I see facebook posts wishing people on anniversaries/birthdays

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  • No network on the phone?
  • No internet on the phone?
  • Don’t you guys live in the same fucking house? (Couples wishing each other on fb on b’days/anniversaries)
  • Can’t you guys walk to the same room and wish each other in the same fucking house?
  • Can’t you guys scream out the wishes to each other while sitting in different rooms in the same fucking house?
  • I am so scared someday I will have to read the couple making love to each other on the fb timeline
  • Don’t you have your friend’s number?
  • Maybe you hate the friend and don’t care about her/his birthday but it is difficult to ignore the notification on fb
  • Maybe you are stranded in a forest/war zone/hills/ and the only way to connect with someone is through fb. And that person is crazy enough to murder you if you don’t wish him/her on the big day. So, you HAVE to do it on fb.
  • Maybe net neutrality has been rejected and you can only access fb on your phone and so that’s the only way to reach someone.
  • You are paying a lot of money for the 4G package and determined to use it to the fullest. WhatsApp does not use too much bandwidth and so you need to wish people on fb only.
  • You are cheap and don’t like spending money on phone calls
  • You don’t like talking to people.

If none of the above reason apply, I question your mental health.

Post inspired from Priloza (@prilozatweets)’s tweet yesterday.

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