Things that are annoying me right now

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  • Liqour and people who think they are cool because they drink liquor. I grew up in a state where liquor is prohibited and now that seems like a blessing. Suddenly, if you don’t (want to) drink, you are odd. I started drinking to make parties interesting. Now, I can’t wait to get back home because I already have interesting things to do. At a party the other day, the only thing I could drink was water so I sipped on a bottle of water while people urged me to get a drink or a cold drink or juice. Seriously, people, I spent an intense hour at the gym. I am not wasting the hard work on liquor, cold drinks or sugary juices.


  • People who don’t respect your plans. Isn’t it annoying when you make plans, book everything and then people make alternate plans and expect you to re-schedule. No, am not re-scheduling anything. You can come or don’t. I don’t care. I am not changing anything. Figure out what is your top priority and do that.


  • People who want you to miss your gym for them. Nope. Not happening. If I miss my gym for you, I will hate you because I couldn’t say “No”


  • People who want everything. Nobody gets everything. You HAVE to pick something. Make a decision, pick what you want to do and stand by it. Don’t try to make everyone happy. Just make yourself happy. Simple.


  • People who order dessert at dinner and are then surprised you are not eating it. Their logic “You should learn to enjoy life”. No thanks. I don’t want to use food to compensate for my boredom. I am ok sharing a dessert during lunch but there is no way am eating more than a bite of deathly sweet jalebis after 9 pm. You eat what you want, I will eat or not eat what I want/don’t want to.


  • Why am I friends with colleagues on fb? Why? Why? Why? *Unfriends all of them* Now I feel better.


  • When you have to wait till 5 pm for a meeting. Sigh.

This post is inspired from here. I went through lists and lists of stuff that annoys the author and itched to make my list. You can direct your brickbats for this post towards this blog.

No, don’t do that. I really like her.


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