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Wanted to pen down my thoughts on some recent incidents:

  • The debate on Ash’s weight is still on and my view is that she needs to lose it. It is a common trend for celebrities mom to get into shape few months into giving birth. It is also a recent trend among common (high society) people. 2 weeks back I had to spend hours in one mall. I killed time by people watching. There was some kid’s b’day party and many moms were leaving with their kids and maids in tow. All of them were in shape and looked like the kids’ older sisters. It takes effort to get into shape and if Ash with access to the best gyms and dietitians cannot do it, who can? Cannes was the perfect time to show her new self and she turned up like a fat cow. She is termed the “Most Beautiful woman in the world” and has no business looking like that… with the double chin and love handles. Look at Lara Dutta and Malaika Arora… and Victoria Beckham. C’mon.
  • I do not understand the recent trend of star kids losing oodles of weight to join movies… Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Arjun Kapoor. Sonam and Arjun looked good but Sonakshi is fat and ugly. There are so many naturally thin and young people waiting in line to get a break. Have the producers lost their heads?
  • Arushi murder case is still going on. This is a very significant case ‘coz it first came up when I was in Gurgaon in 2008. I remember a colleague from Noida mentioning in office that her relatives know the Talwars and they are being accused un-necessarily. That they are very respectable people and can never hurt their daughter. I believed it but the recent court judgement has made me change my mind. The only defence the Talwars have is that they are parents and can never harm their daughter. Honor killings are very common in the North and so it is highly possible that the Talwars harmed their daughter. I just hope the case is resolved soon and whoever is the killer is put behind bars.
  • KC was a little worried about the Bandh today. I assured him that it will not affect Gurgaon ‘coz there has to be public transport for BJP to put a stop on. Everyone travels in their own cars or private cars. They cannot be stopped.
There was more but I am forgetting. Will update as soon as I remember.

3 thoughts on “Things I wanted to talk about…

  1. Ash is a new mum and so much scrutiny about her gaining and losing is such a waste of time in my opinion. I feel we should all cut her some slack. A new mum’s life is very very very difficult. The kids that you might have seen at the party would have been slightly grown up.If you have put on weight in a time frame of 9 whole months, then it is inhuman to expect someone to get it off in a month or so. If celebrities are doing it, I feel it is an insane thing to do. your body needs time to recuperate. Those 9 months, the baby has sapped everything from the body. If you try and lose weight in a drastic way soon after delivery, it has lasting effects on the body. I feel Ash is doing the right thing. Setting the right precedent. She is just being what she should be- A new mum. Enjoying her time with her children and at the same time not succumbing to any pressure. I am able to say this with such confidence is because I know how killing and what a pressure it is to lose weight. Having a child is akin to nothing in this world. whole life is there to lose weight and look beautiful. But that 1st year with your child and taking that time off to let your body recuperate is important. I am not saying she shouldn’t exercise. She shouldand I am cent percent sure she would be too. It will take time, if she is doing it in a healthy manner.

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