Things am grateful for today

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  • Having time in the mornings to read the newspaper. Haven’t done that in 2 years.
  • Loving my house so much, leaving it for work breaks my heart
  • A run in the rain. Though views of the Mumbai sea kept flashing in front of my eyes. Very unnerving
  • Home cooked meals for lunch and dinner
  • Mangoes
  • Working out in the morning and evening
  • Re runs of The Office on Amazon Prime. Mindy Kaling and B J Novak are my favourites
  • Knowing everything from ground up about my current job
  • Work life balance
  • Plants in the balcony. Had to fight for this but 100% worth it
  • Waking up to the view of the sky in the mornings
  • Diffusers and joss sticks
  • Driving 10 mins to get to work

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