Things about facebook I will never understand

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  • Facebook activism : Where a person sits in front of his/her laptop and rages against stuff. Umm… you cannot change the world by arguing with strangers on social media
  • Couples wishing each other on their birthdays : Why not just walk towards each other, look at each other, hug/kiss and talk? Matlab, I cannot even imagine WHY anyone would wish each other on fb when they live in the same house? I get that your phones and internet plans are expensive but couldn’t you find another way to use them?
  • Couples wising each other on Valentine’s : See above point
  • Couples wishing each other on anniversaries : See above point
  • Parents expressing wonder that their kid has turned older by a year: Mortality rates are the lowest they have ever been. There is nothing surprising about kids growing up. That is how it is supposed to happen. Read a little biology, maybe?
  • People taking personality tests and posting the results on fb : Personality issues, much?
  • People sharing their memories : How boring is your life that you have to go back in time and re-post something?
  • Something dies inside me everytime I see pics of a new born baby. Kids become cute once they become few months old. Those wrinkly, raisin like creatures are anything but cute

That’s it. Will update as and when I get annoyed.


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