There is nothing more relaxing than…

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… 2 hours in the salon after a hectic day.

The house is a mess and full of dirt. I have not cleaned for 2 weeks now ‘coz of the illness. There is so much to do tomorrow and I managed to finish some of it today… visit to salon, grocery shopping, clothes washing.
This is how my day will be like tomorrow:
  • 6 am: Wake up and pick up KC from Vashi
  • 7.30 am: The maid will come to clean the house. I have to ensure she cleans everything by following her around
  • 8 am: The cook will come to cook b’fast and lunch. I have to guide her since she will cook Chinese for lunch
  • 8.30 am: Clean the house
  • 9 am: Bath and b’fast
  • 10 am: Visit the salon
  • Rest of the day: Spend time with KC. I also need to find time to visit the gym

Sundays are so hectic. I wish I had Saturdays off. I would have finished the boring chores on Sat and relaxed on Sunday.

Even after Meter Jam initiative in Mumbai the cabs and auto walas have not changed. It is pure torture finding a cab/auto which will take me to my destination without over charging. I travelled by a cab today whose meter was faulty. I had to pay extra ‘coz of the meter.
Does anyone know a phone no where I can register complaints against these monsters? Going to the police station to lodge these complaints is too tedious.

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