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I don’t know about you… but I can see a clear difference.

Weight lost : 1-2 kg

Inches lost : 22 and above (waist, arms, thighs, neck, hips, navel)

Am I where I wanted to be in 6 months? Nope.

Am I happy where I am? Definitely.

When I started out… these were my goals

– Lose weight

– Workout 24-26 days/hours in a month

– Eat healthy

What have I achieved?

– Hardly lost any weight

– Have lost so many inches

– Become strong and fit

– Clear definition in my collar bone… shoulders and arms have toned up

– Workout more than 26 hours in a month

– Look forward to my workouts

– Eat healthy (mostly)

– Have run 12 km… improved at Jazz (in the words of the instructor)… started learning swimming all over again… tell my gym instructor how I want to strength train and what is the correct form of an exercise

Where do I want to be in 6 months?

– Lose more inches and go to UK size 8 in clothes

– Run half marathon… swim regularly in the summer… move to next level in Jazz…

– Join Reebok Crossfit once the gym membership is over

– Get abs … this is the most difficult one because diet contributes to 90% of this

– Continue to eat healthy

– Badly want runners’ calves… all muscular and defined. Of course, they are built in the gym and not during runs

– Wear teeny tiny running shorts

I have stopped looking at the scale. Ok, I lie. I weigh myself every morning but don’t take it seriously. I only care about my monthly measurements. The inches are dropping off… some of my clothes have become loose… shoulders look damn good… who cares what the scale has to say?

Right now I am absolutely happy with the way I look… I don’t need to click 10 pics to get 1 good pic for facebook. Yep, thats how I define it. 1 click is enough for the good pic.

Amen to that.

I joined swimming at Huda Gymkhana in sector 29 last week. It costs 2k/month plus 800 bucks for an instructor. This will be over and above my already packed schedule and right now I am working out 2 hours in a day. Last week KC was travelling and I went to work at 8 am… so I could leave early and go swimming at 5 pm. Thank god for flexi timings. The last time I swam was in 2007… when I was completing my MBA. Manipal had a pool and the membership was cheap. N and I would go for a swim together depending on the class timings… either in the evenings or 6 am. Since placements were done, classes were not so hectic and I had ample time. The 1st week was traumatic… learning to be friends with the water… trying to breathe correctly… but once I was past that, it was the most amazing feeling… I would even compare it to meditating. Swimming does not tire me immediately… sure, it gets my heart rate up but thats because I am trying to catch my breath. The tiredness comes an hour or two later. The instructors at the Huda club are quite good even though they are not polished. I was concerned about the safety since it is Gurgaon but have no such concerns now. The pool is open from 6-10 am and 4-10 pm.

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  1. Excellent progress Bulbul. So happy to see you are enjoying this so much. I have a come a long way too with my fitness goals etc and enjoying seeing the change everyday.

  2. Thanks. Please do a post on your fitness journey. Exchanging information on this really helps. Specially since there is too much info out there and a lot of it is incorrect.

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