The year 2015

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I was in two minds about doing a post about 2015 and then I got an interesting email from wordpress on how the blog has performed. So, here it is… How this blog has fared in 2015:

  • This blog had 17,000 views in 2015. That is an average of 46 views per day. Wow!!!
  • The busiest day was 8th April with 264 views.
  • The post with maximum views on that day was The LOLest kind of trolling. The post was about how I was trolled when I just started blogging. This feels like revenge. Don’t you agree? Thank you, Mr Troll. You can read the post here 
  • My best day with maximum posts is Monday. Probably because I don’t get time to write on the weekend and need a bit of writing before I start work.
  • The top posts in 2015 were
    • VLCC Vs Kaya Vs Lakme. Read it here. This was written in 2009 but still gets a lot of views.
    • Shopping in Sarojini nagar. Read here. Written in 2012 but still relevant.
    • Ramzan Iftar walk with Seek Sherpa. Read it here. Written in 2015. A post about a brilliant experience.
    • Night tour of Dilli 6. Read it here. What a coincidence, I just had lunch at Old Delhi. Thanks to Seek Sherpa for these experiences.
    • The LOLest kind of trolling. But, of course.
  • My top referrers were
    • Facebook. The only reason am active on facebook is to peddle my blog and get views
    • Twitter. I get a lot of views from twitter
    • Buls Gone Bonkers. Not the recent one, this is the old blog. It’s a good thing I haven’t deleted any of my old blogs.
    • Zomato. This is a big surprise. I didn’t know I used to (have replaced it with bulsgonebonkers now) get views from here. Another reason to keep writing reviews here.
  • The visitors are mainly from India, USA and Australia. This blog had visitors from 62 countries. OMG!!! Pakistan, Russia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Morocco, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, France, Germany, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan etc etc. Many views are from people who try to hack the blog but views are views.
  • The top commentators on the blog were- Thank you soooooooooooo much
    • Sonal
    • RT
    • SA
    • Hini

Thank you guys for reading. I hope to keep lighting up this blog with my sunshine and optimism… oops, I mean, my dreary, dark and pessimistic thoughts.

Keep reading, commenting and even trolling!!!

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