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Before I get to the review… I need to talk about how I got the book.

One of my fav bloggers- Em (see sidebar) recommended this book. Award winning books don’t lure me but I like Em and wondered if I will like the book also. The search began… all the book shops- Landmark, Crossword, Om Book shop in all the cities- Gurgaon, Mumbai, A’bad etc were out of stock. I had almost given up after a month… but God (if He exists) was on my side this month. I found it in Crossword at Oberoi Mall. I started reading it on the train to Mumbai last weekend and was hooked. In the morning when I reached the guesthouse I couldn’t find the book. “Shit… I probably left it on the train”… I picked up another copy from the airport book shop. On Monday morning… the book was on my bed… maybe I had misplaced it in the luggage. Now I had 2 copies.

Getting to the review… it is fab… superb. The beginning is very very interesting… it deals with the life of the poor… their struggle… frustrations… temptations… corruption in India… the rich… their life… etc. No, no… it is not a preachy book. It is the story of Munna alias Balram alias White Tiger who becomes an entrepreneur from a driver.

A must read!!!

7 thoughts on “The White Tiger

  1. God/goddess plays weird games. Is explicable with benefit of hindsight, though unpredictable. Compells you to be unpretentious. Scares u, subdues u, restrains u and stimulates u. Yet there is little you can do to influence God’s plans. In all likelyhood God is a female… stop calling her him.

  2. Definitely, I am not as smart as you, but every disease is identified by its symptoms, just as we can tell a flower from its color, smell and form. So also God is a woman considering Her behaviour. Where did cure come into the picture?

  3. @Faunt: If you take about disease… you have to talk about its cure. And I don’t like to speculate… hardly matters if God is man or woman or non existent.

    @RT: Will remember that on your b’day

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