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Hiya. I just returned home… this week is hectic… this month is hectic. Festival season means loads of work. The weekend was tranquil. On Friday I rushed to Hypercity Vashi for weekly grocery shopping from office… finally, I could use my Sodexho vouchers. There are very few outlets which accept them. After that KC and I headed to his friend’s treat at Zodiac Cafe in Fortune. Amazing buffet. The desserts were awesome. I woke up at 7 am on Saturday to supervise the maid’s cleaning and cook. I have decided to cook something new every week… all by myself.

This weekend it was Pilsbury ka chocolate cake. Ok… ok… it is not technically a cake from scratch but why do I need to go through the trouble when packaged mix is available? I also tried saucy baby corn. It is actually a recipe for saucy paneer by Nita Mehta.
— Baby corn or paneer or any other vegetable
— Corn flour 1.5 tbsp
— Maida 1.5 tbsp
— Soya sauce
— Tomato ketchup
— Chilli sauce
— Tobasco chilli sauce (optional)
— Capsicum
— Onions (optional)
— Black Pepper
— White Pepper
— Salt (to taste)
— Ajinomoto (available in all provision stores)
1. Cut the vegetables in smaller pieces. Mix corn flour and maida with water. Add some salt and make a batter. Dip the vegetables in the batter such that it is completely coated. Fry (I prefer shallow fry to deep fry) to a brown color. The baby corn will still be soft from inside which I think is fine
2. Heat oil. Add onions and then capsicum after 2 mins. Add ajinomoto, salt, black pepper and white pepper
3. Add soya sauce, ketchup and tobasco sauce. Tobasco is very spicy so add it judiciously. Also do not add too much salt since soya sauce has a salty taste
4. Add vegetables/baby corn/paneer. Serve immediately. It does not taste as good if it is not served hot
The agenda for this week and weekend is to get pest control done and give the balcony a new look. I am looking for new colorful pots for the plants. I hate the monotonous plastic ones. Finding cheap pots is very difficult.
Ciao… I will spend time in researching a new recipe.

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