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Before I write this post I need to write a disclaimer:
I do not believe in boundaries… Of countries (who gave humans the right to divide this world), color, caste, creed, religion etc. You may call me idealistic but I was brought up that way.
I grew up in a Christain boarding where we prayed 10 times in a day. I actually believed in those prayers… The only thing I ever wanted as a child was a rosary. And then I would go home for 3 months break to staunch Hindu parents. They would try to get me to pray their way and to their Gods. Bugged, I decided to stop praying. If I cant believe in one God, I decided to stop believing in any God. I dont go to temples or churches…
I plan to bring up my kid also like this. No gods or religions or caste. I never connect with people basis religion, caste and language. I never start talking in Sindhi when around other Sindhis…. Unless they are family. Very much unlike Mallus or Bongs and some Marathis I know.
I am not pro Hindu/Muslim/Christians… I am pro humanity. This post is not about Muslims, it is about Kashmiris.

I was saddened to see the plight of Kashmiris in Srinagar. My first thought on seeing women in hijaab was- what a life, how regressive, why would anyone live like this? And then I met N – an Australian converted to Islam and willingly following traditions. I dont know the details so maybe I am wrong…. Maybe she doesnt like it either but she looked happy. And I thought- if she is happy… Maybe everyone else it too. Maybe Islam has freed her… Shown her the right way and brought her peace. Isnt that the purpose of any religion? I stopped judging and looked beyond. The people are genuinely unhappy…. They are stuck in a never ending political battle… There is no infrastructure development… MNCs have completely ignored the state…. Hell, there are no theatres in Srinagar. The army has brutally raped women and killed many innocents while the govt has covered up all crimes. Just google and you will find so many articles.
Kashmiris do not want to be a part of India or Pak. They just want their freedom.

This election is very important… Lets not kid ourselves that one man can change our life. Kejriwal was given the chance… He quit. The election will define who we are as people…. And what we choose – development and religious divide or complacence and peace.

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