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The shifting process has started. I contacted ‘Interem movers and packers’. They had given us the best service when we moved from Mumbai to Gurgaon and I will not even contact anyone else. They were my first preference while shifting from Gurgaon to Mumbai but I guess the Gurgaon guys are not too good. They did not even bother to come to the office for a survey. I had gone with ‘Agarwal movers and packers’. It was the biggest mistake of my life (among many others I made while moving to Mumbai). Till the last day, they gave me 2-3 different dates when my stuff would reach. It was supposed to reach on a Saturday…. so I would have 2 days to unpack. On Friday, they didn’t know when it would reach… on Sat morning, I was informed it will reach by 2 pm… then someone said it will come by evening and then finally someone else said it is still at Nasik and will reach the next day. It reached on Sunday afternoon. Agarwal sucks.

I had only 2 concerns in the shifting- the leather couch- it needs to be dismantled and assembled carefully. In Gurgaon, I can easily contact the ‘Reliance Living’ store and they will promptly send somebody but in Mumbai, I will go on a wild goose chase. I’d rather have Interem call someone for it. Another was my footwear- no kidding. I told the guy specifically that they need to be bubble wrapped. I don’t want them dumped randomly in a carton. He agreed. Whew!!! The rest is manageable. Thank god, I don’t have luxury footwear… I would get them packed in wooden boxes.

Another important thing is informing the owner. I had called the broker even before receiving the offer letter. I was hoping not to pay rent for the last week of August but the broker did not inform the owner. For the last 2 weeks I have been chasing him and he kept making excuses… owner is busy, he is not answering my phone, he has guests at home, he will come to my office on sat etc etc. He gave me the impression that the owner will not be able to give my deposit by 22nd. Now, I was worried… the deposit is a huge amount and I would like it back asap. I did not have the owner’s number and I have given away my agreement. How? Well, I had a xerox since original is with the owner. I submitted the only copy at the gas service. So, there I was… without the contact number or agreement and the broker evading my calls. I decided to go the address mentioned on agreement (I have the unsigned copy in mail)… but none of the autowalas knew the address…. I found it on google… went there… and there was nobody home. It seemed like nobody had come home in months. Shit!!! I inquired from the neighbour… he had the contact no. I called the number… someone answered the phone and asked me to call on another number. I did…. finally, the owner. He came home… agreed to give me the deposit back before I moved. Thats when I realized my broker was arm twisting him to give the flat to his tenant. I don’t know where I fit into the picture but the owner has requested I don’t tell him all this. He also agreed to give a copy of the agreement by evening. My broker is a very smart guy… you would want him on your side in a negotiation… but definitely on the other side. Brokers and owners… a very complicated business.

Now I will be evading the broker’s calls since my work is done. 2 can play a game.


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